10 Tips to Ramp Up Your Social Recruiting Results

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Recruiting, Social Media

Social Media recruitment is possibly one of the most effective ways to extend a great outreach toward candidates within a short span of time.

Here are 10 tips to capitalize on the online platforms to reap the ideal results.

Video Add-on

Adding a video to your online recruitment ad attracts a level of attention that would not be achieved through a wall of words. Seeing a friendly face and hearing a reassuring voice bridges the gap between candidates and the hiring party.

Go Mobile-Friendly

Most social media users access their accounts through mobile devices, this is due to its quickness and accessibility. To reach a larger audience, recruiters should cater the interface of application forms toward mobile accessibility for an improved user experience in their campaigns.

Improve Employer Branding

Create a consistent a stream of corporate news, updates and advertisements that showcase the dynamism of your company. Add a link to your official site in your recruitment ads and let your candidates experience the professionalism of your brand.

Let Employees Speak for You

Consider featuring the testimony of staff who have benefitted and progressed during their time with the company. Spruce up their stories and focus on crowning achievements, show some of the opportunities could present themselves to candidates if they decide to come onboard.

Emphasize Mentorship Values

In the job write-up, specify the chances for self-growth through mentorship opportunities. More people are placing priority on the importance of development and contributions, by featuring a systematic mentorship program, candidates are more likely to join your cause to benefit from an on-the-job learning journey.

Power of the Hashtag

Employing the relevant hashtags on Twitter might gain you some unexpected results. To optimize the use of the feature, do some research on keywords that might draw public attention to your brand and campaign. Some existing job listing hashtags, such as #jobsearch or #careers, may assist recruitment efforts.

Time your Online Campaigns

Depending on the type of platform, there are user traffic trends unique with each site. Plan your recruitment schedule at the appropriate timing for maximum response.


A completed and maintained LinkedIn account will extend your social reach. Add a customized company logo to reflect the professionalism of your brand.

Online Culture

Encourage existing employees to share job listings on their own social media accounts to facilitate ongoing campaigns.

Professional Social Recruitment Software

When all else fails, opt for a user-friendly software that simplifies and manages your social recruitment campaign. Popular services include Jobvite and Greenhouse.

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