5 Clues Your Recruitment Process Needs Revamping

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Recruiting

Finding the right person for the right job has always been an issue for companies in every field. Some recruitment campaigns seem to be more successful than others. Finding out what they are doing right helps you to find out what you may be doing wrong.

Here are 5 warning signals that should gain the attention of any recruiter to have their campaigns redeveloped.

Flood of the Underqualified

It spells trouble when most of the candidates for your vacancy do not even meet basic required expectations, regarding professional experience/skillsets or academic qualifications. This translates to additional time and manpower wasted on filtering valid candidates from the rest.

Poorly written job specifications and vague pay scale may be one of the biggest factors in this situation. It is essential to craft a job description that focuses on specifics, from salary to proficiencies and set amount of experience.

Once composed, the recruitment messages should be thoroughly vetted to assess any misleading sentences or ambiguity. One strategy is to note the attributes of well-performing staff and applying those traits to your next job description.

Unfixed Schedules

It is important to stick to an arrangement with candidates. The constant change of interview dates shows a lack of professionalism and structure within the establishment, which could affect the impression that applicants develop regarding their future workplace.

The proper venues and interviewers should confirm their availabilities. There should be a strong commitment toward the appointment that involves a preliminary level of trust among all parties. For professional recruiters, some interviews may involve busy department heads and organizational leaders, a sudden rescheduling due to invalid reasons may leave a severe mark on your performance appraisal.

Digital Transition

Most information is conveyed via the internet and stored in digital platforms like a cloud system. This makes information retrieval a seamless process between the respective departments. However, if you find yourself sieving through piles and files of documents while assessing a candidate or right before an interview, it might be time to consider a digitalization of data and a stronger emphasis on e-solutions in your recruitment campaigns.

High Company Turnover Rates

The rapid rate of staff replacement in a company could either pinpoint toward a challenging role though chances are that there have been wrong job fits caused by poor recruitment campaigns. Understand the existing work culture and incorporate the general environment in your job writeup. If the pace and duties of the role is of a usually stressful nature, be frank in your job description. This may prevent unnecessary disappointments and the failure to deliver.

Poor Response

Perhaps the biggest indicator in the list, a job that attracts few applicants suggests that the job description or process fails to attract people toward the role. Evaluate and eliminate lengthy application processes while focusing on summarized key points in the position to improve the rate of response.


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