5 Ways to Get More Value From LinkedIn

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Social Media

Since its founding in 2002, LinkedIn has become one of the busiest sites for professionals and business owners alike, providing opportunities for individuals to share their expertise and contacts while organizing collaborations, all with unprecedented user-friendliness.

Here are 5 professional methods to maximize your LinkedIn experience.

Set Growth or Outreach Goals

Forecast the number of professional links you wish to establish within a given time frame and work toward that goal. Make those numbers realistic and jump gradually. Study and monitor the markets to identify the key companies and figures in the respective domains, reach out to them. However, do not flood the inboxes of random people with template messages, some industries are smaller than others and word gets around fast. The last thing you want is to be discredited as a desperate try-hard. Ask yourself relevant questions to determine the chances of having your requests accepted.

Site Activity

An inactive site would seem unattractive to users. It is important to keep your information updated and post regularly with your profile. Busy professionals from bigger brands would be less-inclined in making the effort to communicate with an account that seems defunct or displays limited activity. Simply put, raising site activity will encourage connections, which generate additional traffic, creating a cycle.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Aside from the built-in ecosystem within the networking platform, users may utilize other social media outlets to multiply their rate of online exposure. It might be highly beneficial to leave the link to your LinkedIn account on resumes, tweets, pin and status updates for a significant growth to you profile site traffic. The more channels involved, the greater the chances of finding the right connections.

Content is King

Ultimately, sites thrive based on the clarity of content. To gain the most out of LinkedIn, users should consider only uploading valuable and accessible information on their profile. Research and apply the use of popular keywords, cover the main points of personal branding and only focus on items that display value-added features to the reader.

Mobile Optimization

Finally, most online users favor mobile devices when browsing the web. By optimizing your LinkedIn account characters in mobile view, you are essentially improving the user experience for a wider audience. Effectively from 2018 onward, the Google SERP has been reprogrammed to identify mobile-first indexing in place of desktop formats. This means that posts and sites are sorted and ranked according to how they appear on a mobile interface. Reformatting your LinkedIn profile could significantly improve cyber traffic.

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