How the Education System Has Changed in the Past Twenty Years

by | May 8, 2017 | Changes in Education, K-12

The public education system has changed quite a lot over the last 20 years. Not only do we see more technology in the classrooms lately, but we are also seeing more programs that help those children in need of it.

For those children that would have suffered through school and never even truly learned to read, we see that there are such things in place as “No Child Left Behind” and “IEP”(Individualized Education Program). There was a demand for improvement and as such, there have been many changes since the 90’s.

Early learning has seen an investment of $1 billion in an effort to provide excellent preschool education to all children. The Higher Standards effort has seen millions of students gain access to higher standards for minorities and non-English speaking children. The Department of Education launched efforts, over the past few years, to support greater teaching and greater teachers. These improvements were set into place to allow the low-income children as well as minority children the access they have needed for teachers that are just as excellent as those would be in a more prestigious school.

The Excellent Educators for All Initiative was also set into place to support talented educators for the students that need them the most. There has also been a large change seen in the regulations that work in strengthening teachers in their preparation and training for the future. These efforts and more have changed the public education system dramatically over the last 20 years. More changes are happening every single day in an effort to bring greater education and greater advantages to every child, no matter income or ability.

It is greatly hoped that the redoubled efforts of the education system will see more children reach college and gain access to greater careers. This includes those children that would have struggled 20 years ago. ADD and ADHD is receiving greater attention and help than it did before and these efforts have left their mark in the form of positive impact. We’re seeing a greater change for those with LD’s and other challenges aim higher and reach higher than ever before. Nothing could be more heartwarming, gratifying, and wonderful for teachers as well as the parents.


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