Show Me the Money. Don’t be Scared to Post Your Job Opening’s Salary Range

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Recruiting

It’s common practice to hide the salary from the job in order to lure in the candidate. Many companies believe that the salary may be off-putting. In fact, quite the reverse is true.

Despite this, many companies elect to not disclose the salary. The practice of hiding the salary is used by many different industries. It’s not difficult for workers to go to any website and seek out the average wages for the job, so the companies hiding the wages are seen unfavorably as a place that hides information from potential workers.

That aside, many desperate workers will still seek out that employment position.

Failing to post the salary may be causing the best workers–the upper 15 percent from even applying for your position.

The upper echelons of employees want to know what they will be making before they waste their time with an application and the interviews. It’s also a practice to hide the salary in order to ensure that they are interested for reasons other than money. In most cases, workers today are less interested in money than they are in other job-related perks or in job satisfaction. That means that posting the salary may be the clincher that causes them to apply.

Making it a point to post the salary with the job is probably your best option when it comes to bringing in the top-quality employees or candidates that you’re looking for in the educational field.

On your next job advert, give it a try and you may find yourself with a better quality of candidate than previously seen.

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