Why You Should Consider A Charter School For Your Child

by | May 8, 2017 | Charter Schools

There has been a growth in parents choosing other educational options for their children’s schooling. Parents are now offered more options when it comes to how they would like their children to be educated. These days there are a lot more options for your children as opposed to the days when you only had the option of public or private schools. Today, parents have the ability to choose from between magnet schools, homeschooling, traditional public schools, online schools, private schools, and charter schools. In what is called “the school choice movement”, there are critics and a good portion of those voices come from the opponents of charter schools in specific. These particular critics quite often accuse charter schools of stealing away “their” needed resources as well as “their” students from the district and neighborhood schools.

However, parents are still opting to enroll their children in the charter school all of the time which is causing the number of charter schools to grow nationwide. So, what is it that has these publicly funded schools attracting both students and parents?

1. The Diversity of the Student Population

There are critics that try and claim that the charter schools will segregate their students when in all honesty charter schools promote diversity. Charter schools are in direct contrast with regular public schools that typically reflect the population of the school’s surrounding neighborhoods.

2. Availability

Not everyone has the ability to live in an area that boasts top notch public schools. Prior to the emergence of the varying types of schools, parents were forced to choose between poor and struggling public schools or the high priced private schools. With the addition of the charter schools, parents now have greater choices which mean that they can find the best place to meet their child’s unique educational requirements.

3. Accountability

Charter schools are chosen for many reasons and one such reason is that the schools allow for greater managerial and curricular freedom than that of a public school. Charters will give each student specific goals to attain. Charter schools are accountable to not just the students but also to the parents and to the community. These schools depend on their students to stay open so their accountability is much higher than those of a traditional public school.

4. Ability to Specialize

There are many charter schools that choose to specialize in a specific are. These specific areas may be performing arts, science, and even technology. This allows for students to attend these schools and to take the classes that align with their interests. This will, in turn, lead to students investing more into their education. Many charter schools also allow the students to choose majors so that they can further specialize in the courses of their choosing. Doing this will help greatly when it comes to their college educations as well as their chosen careers.

5. Reduced Class Size

Most charter schools have classes that are smaller in size. By having a smaller body of students per class, this allows for greater one on one time with the teachers. By doing so, this enables the teachers to focus on each student and that student’s needs. The goal is to make sure that each student receives an equitable education.

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